Policy Development

Setting the highest standards is imperative to the success of any company, not only with regard to the product provided, but also with respect to standards for employee conduct and customer service.  PMR can work quickly to develop tailored and appropriate policies that are meaningful, straightforward, and in compliance with current legal standards.  Up-to-date policies are critical and are usually the first step in setting the framework for company-wide compliance, as well as a company’s first line of defense against legal action.

Some important things to consider about policy drafting:


  • Harassment, Discrimination & Retaliation  / EEO  Is your policy up to date with the latest protected classes and prohibited behaviors?
  • Sexual Harassment  Does your policy address on-line and off-site  behavior? Does your policy provide example s of unacceptable behavior?
  • ADA / Reasonable Accommodations  Is the interactive process part of your procedure? Do you know what type of verification you can and can’t ask for?
  • Complaint Policy & Investigations Do you have multiple avenues for an employee to file a complaint?Is your process burdensome? Should your complaint policy be provided in multiple languages?

Fair Housing:

  • Rental housing owners: Do you have a Fair Housing policy and do your employees and managers know about it?   Does it cover  the following:
  • Non-Discrimination & Harassment – including a comprehensive listing of protected classes
  • Tenant Selection / Screening Procedures
  • Reasonable Accommodation / Reasonable Modifications Request  Procedures
  • In addition to Federal Law, does it include relevant state or local fair housing laws?

Public Accommodations:

  • Do you know if your business is a public accommodation?  
  •  If so, do you have an appropriate policy regarding customer treatment that is understood and are your employees aware of it?
  • Does it include a complaint process?