Executive Team

Unique perspectives forming a shared vision

IMG_0349Owners Heidi-Jane Olguin and Mona Hathout work closely together on every project entrusted to PMR. Their specialty is weaving together their expertise in a manner that empowers clients to see the way to progress and change.

Together they have worked with an extensive and diverse group of private and state and federal governmental organizations, including the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the California Department of Corporations, the City of Santa Monica, the Urban Institute, the Center for Responsible Lending, Nationwide Insurance, Denny’s Restaurants, Fannie Mae, Cracker Barrel Restaurants and Six Flags.

Heidi-Jane Olguin, CEO and founder of Progressive Management Resources, Inc., has nearly 20 years of experience in the field of civil rights legal compliance in employment, fair housing and public accommodations. Through her leadership and expertise, PMR has garnered a proven track record for completing complex and high profile compliance projects. Ms. Olguin has designed and implemented numerous national and regional programmatic efforts including policy development, training, investigations, discrimination testing, mystery shopping and general oversight of compliance with mandated injunctive relief in a wide range of industries, including restaurants and the food service sector, multi-family housing, real estate, homeowner’s and auto insurance, and mortgage lending.

Mona Hathout, PMR’s Vice-President and General Counsel, has significant experience drafting policies and procedures and developing the related training programs. In her work at the Office of the Civil Rights Monitor, she helped develop and supervise the implementation of five different national non-discrimination training programs that were rolled out to train tens of thousands of employees pursuant to the consent decrees entered in the Denny’s racial discrimination lawsuits. She also developed unique training programs for security personnel at a high profile national amusement park, fair housing training programs for rental agents covering thousands of units across Southern California, consumer fraud training programs for franchise sales personnel of the world’s leading international corporate cleaning franchise, and a wide variety of employment related training programs including EEO issues, diversity, non-discrimination issues, harassment, attendance and compensation.