About Us

High Quality, High Tech & High Touch  Our work began almost 20 years ago as part of an effort to assist a Fortune 500 company achieve mandated compliance goals regarding customer treatment. Through this experience and others since, we’ve evolved into a leading edge consulting and research firm providing compliance and quality assurance services.  We believe loyalty is earned every day. That is why we provide high-touch solutions for discovering the vital knowledge needed to protect and enhance long term brand value.

Quality of our work: The quality of our work and the depth of our experience are without equal. Our management team is intimately involved in all hiring and training, as well as all aspects of execution including direct and regular reporting and communication. We are always available and highly responsive to requests for additional information and process changes.

Technology: PMR’s advanced telecommunications and digital infrastructure along with superior database designs, allow us to conduct and manage technically complex projects in an efficient and expert manner.

Reputation: As part of our work with Fortune 100 and 500 brands as well as numerous government agencies, our approach, methodologies and results have been universally praised.  We’ve earned a reputation for thoroughness, efficiency, and quality.