Premier Mystery Shopping & Matched-Pair Discrimination Testing

Some CEOs are discovering that going undercover on the reality show “Undercover Boss” can result in a revealing, transformative experience that leads to positive, lasting change. But you don’t need to submit to reality TV. Professional mystery shopping and testing services, when employed strategically and thoughtfully, can reduce liability risks and enhance the customer experience.

Your customers are your core. PMR can help you ensure that your employees are interacting with customers in a way that boosts brand integrity, increases profitability and protects against liability. Our services are valued by brands that want to quickly uncover what’s really happening at each customer touch-point. Since our expertise stems from the legal compliance paradigm, our results will go beyond typical mystery shopping and consumer experience surveys. Here’s how we’re different:


Unparalleled Experience

 PMR has unparalleled experience in the area of mystery shopping and matched pair discrimination testing. We started over 20 years ago with cutting-edge testing of compliance with federal Fair Housing and Public Accommodations laws and consent decrees. We’ve taken that expertise and turned it into the gold standard for premier mystery shopping and discrimination testing.


Scope / Capacity / Industries

 We’ve conducted projects large and small, local and national, and over the last 2 decades have executed tens of thousands of shops/tests across the country in the following areas: restaurants, sales and rental housing, homeowner’s insurance, mortgage lending, franchise investment as part of both mystery shopping campaigns and matched pair discrimination testing efforts.


Tangible Actionable Results

Our programs are designed to give you tangible, useful information on how your employees are complying with company policy, customer treatment standards, and sales initiatives and methods. PMR executes quality assurance mystery shopping strategies that intersect with the customer experience and compliance concerns and provide solutions fast.


Technology / Data / Reporting

PMR’s advanced telecommunications and digital infrastructure along with superior database design allow us to conduct and manage technically complex projects in an efficient and expert manner. We build a unique database for every project and are highly flexible and responsive to reporting requests and changes. However, mystery shopping and testing data is only as valuable as its meaningful delivery of results to the right people within your organization. We can deliver real-time reports via email to just a select few within the corporate structure or to thousands on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Additionally results can be automatically posted to secure FTP site for convenience and comprehensive oversight.


Telephone or In-Person Testing

Our testing and mystery shopping services can be performed in-person or phone-based, using state of the art call-recording technology for immediate sharing of results. This is a highly effective method for company personnel to improve their interactions with customers and for upper management to monitor performance and compliance issues.


Quality of our Shoppers and Testers

Whether local or national in scope, we pay very close attention to the recruitment, screening and training of our testers and shoppers. Many mystery shopping firms conduct mass recruitment with very little screening and oversight. We don’t do blind on-line mass recruitment. We have a multi-layered selection and training process. This gives us the best team and gives you the best results.

Our testing & mystery shopping services can help increase customer satisfaction, minimize liability and improve the bottom line!

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Here are five questions you can answer with the right mystery shopping/testing program:

  1. Are customer interactions putting you at risk for legal liability?
  2. Are your sales initiatives getting the traction they should?
  3. Are your employees representing your brand as they’ve been trained
  4. Are customer interactions creating a high quality, positive customer experience?
  5. Are your employees selling to and servicing customers successfully in comparison to your competitors?