Custom Training Programs

PMR’s approach is different. Our training programs are highly valued by employees because they provide effective and practical instruction.  It’s important that your employees take away a clear understanding of relevant laws and company policies and, most importantly, how these apply to their everyday responsibilities within the workforce and toward customers.  We do not provide cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf programs.  Instead, PMR training programs are customized to your company, tailored to specific job positions as well as fast paced to keep participants interested and engaged.

Some important information about PMR’s training abilities:  

  • Large / Small Scale Training Development & Delivery –  PMR has years of experience in working with organizations large and small to develop  and roll out just the right training program to address any compliance concerns.  It will always include content that is legally up to date and scenarios and case studies that will engage employees and ensure a meaningful understanding  of  the law and your company’s policy.
  • AB 1825 – AB1825 is a California law requiring anti-harassment training, every two years, for supervisors in  companies of 50 or more persons.  The law also sets out numerous and detailed requirements. We can develop a  tailored training program for your company that will not only be engaging and enlightening, but also compliant with AB 1825. 
  • Intervention Training – Intervention training is a specialized training program to directly address a particular situation or incident.  The purpose of the training is to educate employees about the ramifications of what occurred, as well as what the relevant laws and company policies are  related to the situation.
  • C-Level Coaching – Often times executive level personnel are so engaged with the day-to-day business affairs of their brand,  they find themselves too busy to spend time on compliance training , and while understandable, this can have disastrous consequences.  Additionally, difficult situations can arise which require immediate training /coaching to limit any further damage.  PMR can provide in-depth and highly tailored coaching services in a one-on-one setting to ensure a respectful exchange.
  • Management and non-Management Level Training Programs – In most cases, it is preferential to provide training on compliance issues in separate management and non- management sessions and with separate content .  The separate setting can provide a more comfortable atmosphere and the content can be geared more specifically to the responsibilities of different job types.
  • Train-the-Trainer – PMR is happy to provide delivery of any and all  training sessions; however, another  option can be a Train-The-Trainer (T-3)  program in which we teach members of your organization how to conduct a specific  training program.  We believe this  is a highly effective way to build capacity within an organization and to internalize the importance of the compliance issue.
  • Multi-Lingual – It is extremely important that employees fully grasp the meaning of any legal compliance training; otherwise it can be a wasted effort.  To that end, providing training in whatever language employees feel most comfortable with, is  tantamount.   PMR can provide translation services and multi-lingual trainers.